Our Purpose

The Purpose Summit is more than an invitation to an event, it's an invitation to make a difference.

The Purpose Summit was created to bring thousands of like-minded leaders together to help individuals and organizations fulfill their purpose, and make the difference they were created to make.



A Message from Davin Salvagno |Founder & CEO, PurposePoint

“If 2020 has done anything, it has reconnected us to our humanity, and refocused us on our need for each other. The needs of humanity are many, and the opportunities to meet those needs are endless. Perhaps one of the most significant needs right now, is the need to remind people that they matter, that their work matters, and that their contribution to humanity matters. The greatest opportunity we have to meet this need is in the marketplace. The time has come, and has long been overdue, for leaders of organizations to rise up and ask themselves who they are helping those they lead become, how their organizations are delivering on their purpose beyond profitability, and how they are contributing to the greater needs of humanity. The greatest measure of purpose is who we help others become. The greatest reward of purpose is who we become in the process. Together, we can help countless people become who they were created to be, and be a force for good in this world. It is for this purpose that we created The Purpose Summit"

About PurposePoint


PurposePoint is the founding company of The Purpose Summit.

PurposePoint is a professional development organization helping individuals and organizations across the world identify, communicate, and fulfill their purpose. We provide access to impactful communication experts, speakers, coaches, training programs and more.

Our Goal is to:

Engage purpose

Inspire people

Impact performance


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